“The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists dedicated to justice, peace, and brotherhood” -MLK Jr.

  Dear Community, It is 2023; a new revolution around the sun will give us another shot to create sustainable value and reduce inequalities through business, entrepreneurship and investing. [...]


Sustainability Trends and Opportunities

  As you can learn from our recent webinar, sustainable finance continues to break records.  In 2021, Green, Social, Sustainability-linked bond issuance reached $1T.  $700B  flowed into ESG [...]


Climate Change and Coffee

  To close out 2021, we want to thank all our friends and colleagues for their continued support and commitment to impact.  It has been a shift from the year before, where COVID-19 led to [...]


Investing in Technology that Improves the Immigrant Experience

This month we focus attention on the topic of technology that improves the immigration experience. Climate change, conflict, economic imbalances, and entrepreneurial opportunities continue to [...]


Water Scarcity – Investing to Impact the Future of H2O

  April 23, 2021 By Andrew Brenner, edited by Julia Wilkinson and Kevin Webb Access to water often takes a back seat to climate change in discussions about sustainability, but given that we [...]


imvest Presents NextGens in Impact – On Clubhouse!

Join us on April 22 at 5:30 pm when imvest presents NextGens in Impact: A conversation to educate and inspire the next generation of impact leaders through discussions with Gen Y and Gen Z [...]


Wrapping up Women’s History Month, we honor Monique Idlett-Mosley

  As we wrap up Women’s History Month we honor Monique Idlett-Mosley, an amazing woman in Gender Lens and Racial Equity Investing. She is a globally recognized entertainment pioneer [...]



  Congratulations to Santiago Alvarez, Maria Pia Morante, and the team at Alive Ventures (Acumen Latam Impact Ventures) who was voted one of the top 50 Emerging Impact Managers in 2021 by [...]


Celebrate International Women’s Day with Us

Julia Wilkinson, imvest CEO, celebrates International Women’s History Day with Megan Fielding, Senior Director of Responsible Investing at Nuveen. Nuveen, the investment management arm of [...]


What are SDGs?

  Have you heard the term SDGs when talking about impact and don’t know what it means? We are here to help! It stands for sustainable development goals, which are 17 interlinked global [...]