Funds, Corporations, Family Offices

Providing a roadmap to merge profit, purpose, and environmental impact across all financial decisions

    • imvest Strategy & Market Intelligence:

      We help you define your strategy, engage stakeholders, and stay up to date on your target sectors.

    • imvest Impact Measurement Framework:

      We collaborate to design a process for measuring and reporting impact, leveraging existing technology tools.

    • imvest Due Diligence & Impact Assessment:

      We provide impact due diligence on deals and evaluate your overall portfolio impact.

Our Roadmap

  1. Define Big Picture Goals as a Team
  2. Create Theory of Change as it Relates to Big Picture Goals
  3. Design ESG Strategy for your Stakeholders
  4. Select Impact Targets & Tech Tools
  5. Map Targets to the SDGs
  6. Review imvest Market Intelligence
  7. Create an Execution Plan with Milestones and KPIs
  8. Connect with Other Ecosystem Stakeholders
  9. Execute Leveraging imvest impact Due Diligence
  10. Pivot and Adapt where necessary to Stay on Track with imvest impact assessment

Invest with Imvest:

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