imvest Presents NextGens in Impact – On Clubhouse!

Join us on April 22 at 5:30 pm when imvest presents NextGens in Impact: A conversation to educate and inspire the next generation of impact leaders through discussions with Gen Y and Gen Z currently working in the impact industry. We will be talking about innovation, climate change, and reducing inequalities with Anastasia Mikhalochkina and Erick Gavin.
Anastasia is the founder of Lean Orb, a compostable foodservice packaging company powered by data and corporate education to achieve net-zero for the entire value chain. She is a designer by trade and loves to build valuable products at the intersection of arts, technology, and sustainability.
Erick is the Senior Program Manager at the Center for Black Innovation, a think tank and innovation ecosystem-building organization aiming to cultivate great leaders, entrepreneurs, and capital pathways for black communities. His background in law and product design has fueled his goal of decreasing barriers to access to further develop low opportunity communities.
Join us for the conversation on Clubhouse on April 22, 2021.  Not a member?  Check here for a chance to win an invitation from us!