Julia Wilkinson

Founder and CEO

Julia Wilkinson is an impact investor and consultant with over a decade of experience in cultivating startup businesses and investors to enact profitable, measureable, real-world change.

Her passion for futurism and social change drives her commitment to shape the world’s future through thought leadership, philanthropy, and investing.

Julia brings to the table deep knowledge of capital markets. For 6 years she worked in private wealth management at Goldman Sachs on a team with $1.5B in assets under management, trading across asset classes and leading project management duties. She also has 4 years experience in venture capital & private equity investing in emerging markets. Julia is board chair of Finance for Good Brazil, a nonprofit that supports Brazil’s social finance ecosystem, and a partner of Social Venture Partners Miami. She has a BA in diplomatic history from University of Pennsylvania and a MPA from Columbia School of International and Public Affairs.

Through imvest, Julia helps clients to integrate impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals within their community, foundation, enterprise, or family office.

Languages: English, Spanish & Portuguese

Kathleen Ford


Kathleen Ford is a results-driven leader who has a strong background in building long-standing partnerships that generate new business and deepen existing relationships. Kathleen is a respected business professional who successfully champions, plans, and executes process and product growth initiatives in diverse business lines including retail, technology, eCommerce, fulfillment, non-profits, marketing, and arts education.

Her 20+ years in complex technical product and project management have given her the right tools to design and implement the right business strategies, plans and procedures as well as establish policies that promote company culture and vision. She is using that knowledge to support Julia and imvest in the day-to-day and enable growth.

Kathleen has a BA from the University of Delaware and has traveled the world helping retailers and companies excel.

Alana Libow

Emergent Futures Coach/Consultant/Investor

Alana Libow brings two decades of global impact investment experience across sectors and topics from inclusive finance to food systems. She has a track record of designing and bringing impact concepts to reality across extremes and in partnership with diverse constituents including boards and academic/student partners, C-Suites and communities, NGOs, and governments. She is the Founder and Principal of Emergent Futures, a coaching & consulting practice helping future-forward leaders see, shape, and bet on constrained rising game-changers to accelerate a resilient economy. Previously, Alana served as Danone U.S.’s founding Sustainable Development executive, during which time she led the business’ sustainable growth strategy, innovation, activation, and business development and established the company’s first impact investment in the now prominent, Closed Loop (circular economy) Fund. Alana’s global impact investment knowledge is rooted both in her early work at Innovest-Strategic Value Advisors, a pioneering internationally recognized "ESG" (Environmental, Social, & Governance) investment research and advisory firm, and her Fulbright work in microfinance in Bolivia.

Alana holds an MBA from The Wharton School, an A.B. in Anthropology from Washington University, in St. Louis, an executive certificate in Strategies for Sustainable Business from M.I.T, and a design thinking certification from IDEO.

Kevin Webb

Vice President

Kevin Webb has served as an advisor and investor to social entrepreneurs that are leading change in education, sustainable cities/communities and responsible consumption/production. His valuation consulting and capital markets experience supports entrepreneurs across each stage of business growth while working towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

During his time in valuation consulting, he has valued hundreds of start-ups and advised on business strategy, both in the U.S. and in emerging markets, with a focus on enterprise and consumer technology.

During his time in real estate investment banking, he played a key role in the execution of over $10 billion in capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions in the affordable housing, student housing and commercial real estate industries, to name a few.

Kevin has a B.S. in Business Management, Finance, from Babson College.

Joselyn Nanett Troncoso Muñoz

Social Media Guru

Alumna de Canto Lírico en Conservatorio Izidor Handler en la ciudad de Viña del Mar. Estudió Pedagogía en educación musical en la Universidad de Playa Ancha, en Valparaíso y trabajó 3 años como parte del Staff oficial de artistas de Rosa Agustina Resort y coach vocal del elenco.

Desde octubre del 2020 forma parte de la sociedad que le da vida a la Productora Nutriendo Juntas el Cambio y es la community manager de sus plataformas digitales. Desde el 2019, de manera autodidacta adquirió conocimientos avanzados en programas de edición de videos y fotografía y de marketing digital.